16 February 2021

International Chapter Math Competition 2021

NOVA International Schools participated in the International Chapter Math Competition organized by Mathcounts Foundation, which was held online. To continue the MS MathCounts tradition we started the preparations at the beginning of November 2020. The meetings were one hour long, twice a week at which we were discussing the solving process for difficult tasks. Despite regular school obligations and mathcounts meetings, the students were individually solving hard math problems. It’s our pleasure to inform you that the students were working very hard and were committed to their challenge till the end.

Students that participated in the competition are:
Angelina Buleska - 6th grade
Galina Aranitasi - 6th grade
Adam Cestovaliev - 7th grade
German Zhegalov - 7th grade
Matej Atanasovski - 8th grade
Vanja Estatieva - 8th grade
Kyan Azgour - 8th grade
Filip Angelovski - 8th grade

The students' overall results are rewarding. Our student German Zhegalov qualified for Chapter Invitational Competition, which will take place on February 22nd. This competition will also be held online. Special thanks to Jasmina Dzurovska Blazheska for helping our coaches Aleksandra Kizova and Simona Naumovska. 

Check out the photo gallery from the event here