11 January 2021

NOVA Musical Souls 2020

Our creative students in 7th grade worked on a project called "My World Music Song" which celebrated music from around the world by singing their own lyrics in a language they haven't spoken before (translated and tutored by a peer they were paired with, who speaks that language). They used already existing world music songs, as their instrumental background. Filipa Gelevska and Blagica Dojchinovska are singing their lyrics translated and helped by their partners Iljas Oberhuber and Tomislav Protik. One of the projects that 8th graders had this year was "Recreate a classical music piece”, from the unit on the evolution of music, and their final task was to recreate any classical music theme of their choice, by adding and singing their lyrics in a video performance. Idil Su Arslan recreated "The Swan" by Camille Saint Saëns (performed on a cello by Yo Yo Ma), and she called it "Rainy Days in NY”.