19 November 2020

ES Halloween@Nova Video Premiere

On Wednesday, November 25th at 6 pm, you will have the opportunity to experience this year's "ES Halloween@Nova". Highlights of the event that you won't want to miss include: video clips of our super creative Nova students sharing their Halloween costumes, the costume parade with students having a chance to walk the stage and present their costumes to grade-level peers, and the classroom door decorations and beautifully decorated pumpkins brought by the students to add to the atmosphere.

This fun-filled event could have not happened without your support, and our Nova PTA as well. Our school looked and felt festive, students were provided with Halloween popcorn and candy treats, and photos to remind them of the day. Homeroom teachers made sure each classroom had its own Halloween theme, the artwork being a joint student, teacher and parent effort. Nova captured all of these special moments on camera, so that parents and children alike could once again enjoy their superheroes, ghosts and goblins, fairies, witches and vampires, and hear the laughter and joy of these magical and mystical creatures.

The event will be broadcasted on our Nova YouTube channel and Nova's Facebook page.