9 November 2020

Students supported by "Boris Trajkovski" scholarship

One of NOVA’s goals is to drive learners into society armed with the passion and the ability to learn how to affect positive change. Having a student such as Luka Pavikjevikj proves that. He, as a ‘’Boris Trajkovski’’ Scholarship recipient, has been involved in Nova Times as editor-in-chief, and the school’s Debate Club. Luka believes that being actively engaged in the community can contribute to everlasting improvements, because it is a civic duty and a pleasure, as well. He has inspired his fellow students to share inspiring stories about women’s empowerment and has been an advocate for students' mental health through UNICEF MK.

Luka hopes to be a professor one day, where he can use his platform to inspire others, spark intellectual debates and express his opinions. This job fits nicely with the skills he is currently developing - research, writing, and public speaking.