13 October 2020

Nova Runs, 2020

It is a proud tradition in #Nova International Schools that we participate as a team in the Skopje Marathon. This year was no different, our colleagues: Ivan, Vale, Kimberly, Sasho, and Marjan took part in the Marathon and participated in the 42km relay race.

They won 7th place, had loads of fun, and shared these quotes about the experience:

“In the midst of all this uncertainty, running the 42km relay and taking part in a team activity, provided a semblance of normality. The ability to partake in the Skopje marathon with my colleagues was a great honor. I’m happy that we were able to keep the tradition going, and am confident many more will join us in May 2021.” – Ivan Novakovski

The highlight of my first experience running on the Nova relay marathon team was feeling the support of my teammates; I was running not just for myself, but for my team. As the last leg of the relay I knew I had to finish in order to earn the medals for all of my teammates! I was excited to learn that our relay team improved our time from last year's mixed relay time.  – Kimberly Fry

Together Everyone Achieves More. The reason behind this is that a lovely team, as I am lucky to have it, inspires and motivates you, and at the same time, you are more than happy to do that for them. – Valentina Joshevska

Being part of 1500 participants is a great pleasure. This year was a special year. I didn't train enough; the weather was hot and I just was focused to finish the race. In the end we finished seventh which is not bad. That inspires and motivates us so I hope next year we will have time to prepare and fight for the first three places. Thank you, runners! – Saso Kostikj

Despite the new conditions we are placed into, in regards to COVID, NOVA created a positive yet strong and competitive team for the relay marathon of Skopje 2020.  We all ran as one and deserved our medals in the end on a very warm October day. 

The team feels great about finishing in the top ten teams on this marathon and it looks forward to running the Skopje Marathon 2021.- Marjan Peovski