1 October 2020

Nova Community Days, volume 3

The Nova Community Days are created to welcome back students on campus. Yesterday, we had a wide range of events planned for our students, including: a morning hike up the Vodno mountain, outdoor artwork, IB students coming to campus for individual meetings with our faculty members, students coming to campus for three different Science Lab experiments, as well as meetings of the Nova (Newspaper) Club and the Student Council.

In addition, Grade six students were welcomed on campus in preparation for the Secondary School's switch to Blended Learning, which begins with the sixth grade on October 5th. Over 60% of the grade level attended the walkthrough, learning how to safely move through the campus, and how to adapt to the new Blended Learning timetable. Based on the feedback from students, all are excited to return to campus to spend time with their friends and teachers.

Check out the photo gallery from the event here