15 May 2020

Motivating teachers through a workshop experience

Dear Nova community, today we are sharing with you the feedback that our current HS Physics Teacher Ms. Maja Koljozova, wrote about her professional learning experience in the MYP online teachers workshop that she is attending.

'Keeping up with virtual teaching and the MYP workshop was challenging, but thanks to the connections and discussions with the colleague educators from around the world, I was inspired and motivated to explore new ideas for my future design classes. Creating MYP Unit starts with an idea, but lots needs to be done, and many stages to be carefully planned before the completion phase. The workshop provided time, space and opportunity to probe deeply into the philosophical concepts that go into the construction of the IB Unit. Being surrounded by teachers who share the same understanding and points of view, gave me confidence to continue and develop a curriculum that will lift the learning abilities of my students. 

The possible unit designs are endless, and I was impressed how our units developed, shaped, and reshaped throughout the Learning engagement modules of the workshop. Design Thinking was crucial in this process, too. To me, the journey became intriguing in the second module. We were asked to visit a specific webpage where Global issues have been presented through stories, video clips and images, select one and put it as a learning in a larger context, and therefore make this learning engaging for students. This activity opened new doors and perspectives for inquiry and global context exploration. Creating the Statement of inquiry connecting the key and the related concepts is one of the most important stages of the unit planning-the purpose of the inquiry and the big idea. In the third collaborative learning forum, the challenge I found was creating an authentic assessment task that gives students more flexibility to show their understanding of the statement of inquiry. To develop an authentic task requires a thorough understanding of the concept, as well as teacher’s creativity and readiness to do much more than just teach the subject. The teacher also needs to be a Designer and create an assessment that will be functional to the client-the student. There were many other stages that need attention before the unit is ready to go such as creating task specific clarification, recording and reporting, approaches to learning, implementing service as action in the learning activities, etc. This workshop was helpful and answered many of the questions aroused once I started preparing for this program. Now, I have my units and enthusiasm ready to be put into action.  I am looking forward to meet my students and begin the journey in the world of designers, thinkers, risk takers, communicators, inquirers........' - Ms. Maja Koljozova [Physics Teacher]