9 April 2020

'These Are My Growing Teeth' - A poem by Adora Limani

To commemorate national poetry month, we are sharing with all of you a poem written by our very own Adora Limani. This poem is titled 'These Are My Growing Teeth', it is a poem about change, and the nostalgia one goes through while growing older. 


My new molars are growing.
I could tell that those sensitive patches of gum started swelling as I chewed up my next meal,
And with it I swallowed what was left of that big ol’ milk tooth,
But I do not miss it one bit.
And now every time I lay down in my giant bed,
I feel it squeezing through my intestines and aching to get out.
It must be because my stomach cannot digest the fact that 12 became 11,
32 sized down to 31,
And that everytime I bite through strawberry scented ice cream,
The freezing sensation trickles through the gap where
My sweet little tooth used to reside.
Good riddance to that horrid piece of enamel and pulp!
I seldom miss anything at all,
And I refuse to believe that the clouds miss each other after they’ve finished a divine quarrel,
And both go their separate ways in that Big Blue.
But why then do I feel the absence of Ms. Deciduous
So intensely?
Why has that erupting tooth eaten me alive,
Like an infant living with ringworms?
Maybe if I had not left the bread in the toaster for
So long,
It would not have crumbled so easily beneath my aging jaw.
And now every time I lay down in my giant bed,
I count my teeth over and over,
And I cannot believe
I am a child still.

-Adora Limani, 2020