8 April 2020

World Poetry Day

To celebrate ‘World Poetry Day’ on March 21st and  also to welcome April as the ‘National Poetry Month’ NOVA 6th and 8th grade students @Ms. Biljana Dalcheska's English and Language Arts classes are dedicating their current unit on poetry. The students were asked to watch a motivational video and comment on it, through a single line. They were not aware at the time of the assignment that their lines would be put together and turned into a poem, with wonderfully positive messages. The outcome is impressive and all students were thrilled. During these times every positive thought is a blessing. 

6 Gold:

No matter how you look, or are you short or tall,
it matters what soul you have.
Don't underestimate anyone.
Everyone deserves a second chance.
Small, or big, strong, or weak, a hero is the one who tries,
and never gives up.
Don't underestimate the weakest and smallest,
because inside they are the strongest;
Because they can be stronger but they're not showing it.
Don't underestimate anyone.
Everyone deserves a second chance;
Rather good or bad never give up,
even when all is lost you can still get up.
Our hard work will always pay off.
We are all great!
Never loose faith in yourself.
Never give up.

6 Pink:

Never give up on being yourself,
because sometimes you can end up saving the day.
Never give up, you should try again,
because even if you didn't succeed the first time
you might succeed the next time you try.
You shouldn't wait for a miracle and you should never give up,
you should always stay creative and try to get what you want.
If you don't succeed the first time, don't give up and try again.
Never give up, you will succeed once,
Never give up on anything you do and always help others.
We are all great!

8 Lavender:

"I, Giorno Giovanna, have a dream,
a dream to reunite with my family
and tell them of the knowledge
I have acquired through bravery over my fears."
I learn from my mistakes, obstacles, and motivation.
I also learn from experience.
You should face your fears,
You should choose your own path in life.
I learn from my mistakes.
I explore for newer and better methods of achieving my goal.
I learn through motivation,
I learn from hardships and difficulties,
I learn from difficult obstacles,
I learn through desperation for food.
I also learn through experience.

8 Maroon:

Take risks and face your fears.
If you overcome certain fears, good things may come out of it
When facing your fears you will get something in return.
Don't judge something by its appearance,
Learn from others since they might have more experience,
take risks, it can pay out.
I learn through experience!