25 February 2020

The Sound Of NOVA

We are happy to share that our MS Music class for 7 grade had a Music Talent Show called "The Sound Of NOVA" as part of the MYP Unit "Competition".

At first, the students were competing within their classes, performing individually, in pairs or small groups of three, with songs of their choice. After we got the winning groups from each of the three classes, we had our finals, where Galena Kuzmanovska and Aleksandar Ata Radevski were representing 7 Silver, Anabela Angelovska was 7 Coral's representative and Vanja Velkova and Marija Krsteska from 7 Aqua who won the final competition too.

The students were able to vote for their favorites, as well as the jury consisted of Ms Ana Hristova (MS Music Teacher), Ms Aneta Mechalova (ES Music Teacher) and Ms Maja Taneva (MS Art Teacher).

Check out the photo gallery from the event here