18 February 2020

Grade 5 Students, Exit Point [Baking process]

What are the physical and chemical changes that happen during the baking process? Driven by this main statement of inquiry in our IPC chemistry unit Bake It, grade 5 students researched and experimented with all the bread ingredients to find out answers and ask additional questions. Learning that atoms are the basic units of matter, they all participated in the "atomic dance" role playing the subatomic particles. The fifth graders also led the community service and collected about 200 home-baked meals for socially disadvantaged people in our community. In addition, during our Valentine's food drive, "Show love, choose kindness" lots of packaged food items were collected to be donated to #retweetameal and NGO Kindness. We, as an international school, would like to model kindness and thoughtfulness wherever we go in this world.

Check out the photo gallery from the event here

Parts of an Atom Song - Performance by 5th Grade Students: