23 January 2020

Large survey gathering BMI data in Nova

As part of the short section on Statistics in Mathematics 9 Honors course, our 9th graders have conducted a large survey gathering data from 262 participants from all grade levels at the high school, plus the admin team.

The generated dataset had 1310 entries, which were carefully filtered out and analyzed by the students. As a final product, students have generated Box-and-Whisker plots to get a better sense of the distribution of the BMI over grade levels and admin team.

Comparing the distributions to a supplied BMI key, students concluded that, overall, people at NOVA have a good BMI, but there's definitely room for improvement. Precious lesson was that not all data entries are to be trusted, as some figures revealed values of BMI that were obviously flawed. We're still not sure if those were common error, or a good prank from a witty student.

The teacher was also enthusiastic about the project, and created a joint plot in R for easier comparison of the distributions of BMI between the grade levels and admin.

Check out the photo gallery from the event here