15 January 2020

Helping Teens Thrive Emotionally

NOVA PTA and LinkAcross are pleased to invite you to a parent enrichment evening with special guest Laurie Swanson who will be holding a seminar titled: "Helping Teens Thrive Emotionally." Laurie is a Nurse Practitioner from Colorado, U.S.A. who has significant experience caring for teens and adolescents in school-based health centers, as well as experience serving in other cultures globally. This interactive seminar will cover adolescent culture in the U.S. (much of which applies in our context), social media influence, and emotional challenges faced by teens including isolation, anxiety, depression, and suicide. The seminar will also discuss how parents and other adults can support adolescents and help them develop emotional resiliency. This event is intended for parents of middle school and high school students, as well as faculty and staff.