28 August 2019

HS Principal's Welcome

Dear NOVA HS Families, present and future:

My insofar life in international education (18+ years) has taught me that studyplace culture matters. Oftentimes, we are awed by socially mediated information on specialized schools known for high-achieving students who go on to earn great personal success in the field of higher education. However, it is not that uncommon for those same schools to lack the resources and steadfast commitment to a healthy and well-functioning studyplace environment.

On that note, what I hope we could effectuate, together, in the year to come, is make sure that NOVA High School safeguards a studyplace culture where learning is not merely seen through the prism of marks and percentages, but rather a set of well-articulated school norms that support equitable access to cultural diversity, mental health, and inclusion.

Finally, committing to the role of Principal to the HS Division has been a wonderful full-circle journey for me, taking me from an English and Social Sciences instructor all the way to an Academic Advisor and Director of Guidance and Counseling, all within the same physical space, though a different school culture. As someone who continues to believe, firmly, in the tenets of critical pedagogy long established by Paolo Freire, I support constructive dialogue as a basis for all meaningful progress, for afterall, as an educator, I remain open to transformative change.

Bela Gligorova, PhD