6 June 2019

Julius Caesar Flash Mob in Nova


Students from Grade 9 Social Studies have completed a thorough study of the rise and fall of the Roman Republic and what that consequence has meant to the subsequent ages of Europeans throughout history. This means not only the political history of the event but also how this event was remembered in the literary tradition of the 16 th century by the playwright, William Shakespeare.


The first 271 words of Marc Antony’s Funeral Oration for Julius Caesar is known as the most important speech in the English language. Mr. Stayanoff’s 9 th grade Social Science class studied the meaning of the words written in “Old English” to understand the essence of the message that Antony is said to have cleverly given
to the people of Rome that made them turn on Caesar’s murderers. Student’s, Maya
Teofilovska, Jana Perusheska, Kalina Spasovska and Jana Joksimovska were selected at random to participate in a “Marc Antony Flash -Mob” in the main atrium of Nova High School at the exact time of day when Caesar is said to have been killed. The short, sudden but powerful performance by these women demonstrated to passersby their competence, understanding and “ownership” of this most important work of Shakespeare.


The flash experience was a collaborative effort between Nova Social Science Department and Nova Drama
instructor, Dean Damjanovski.

Check out the photo gallery from the evnet here