28 May 2019

Supernova's win silver medal at a HS Girls Volleyball tournament

From May 16th to 18th, 2019 the CEESA HS Girls Volleyball tournament took place in Sofia, Bulgaria. It was an event where 5 teams competed, among which our SuperNOVA HS Girls Volleyball team consisted of 10 students.

While the trip itself was filled with fun, laughter, and enjoyment, those emotions translated in very intense and skilled games, strong team spirit, dedicated play, and an excellent volleyball overall. After 2 long days of games and cheering for each other, with only 1 game lost in the qualifiers, and after a victory in semifinals, NOVA HS Girls were set to play the finals on Saturday afternoon.

It took almost 2 hours and 5 sets of a very intense and equal game with girls playing to the best of their skills and volleyball technique, with team spirit and commitment to play to the last atom of their strength. In a close cut till the very last point, NOVA girls arrived with a silver medal, and experienced support, respect and a praise by all other teams and coaches as if they were champions.

The girls returned home enriched with many new friendships and excellent impressions.


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