3 May 2019

Nova HS Mathematics club at the CEESA HS Mathematics competition

From April 18-21, 2019, at the International school of Belgrade, Nova's HS Mathematics club participated in the CEESA HS Mathematics competition.

In the last 3 months, these Mathletes were working hard solving math problems, practicing and learning new skills, new math topics, working as a team, and enjoying being challenged out of their comfort zone. Under the watchful eye and guidance from their coaches Ms. Elena V'chkova and Ms. Jasmina Dzurivska-Blazeska, our students went to Belgrade confident and excited. This year we had 12 students in 3 teams.

The senior team showed exemplary math solving skills in the individual round, but even better team communication skills and managed to win a trophy for the third place in the team competition. Both junior teams were doing their best and managed to be placed at the fifth and fourth place, respectfully.

During the competition our Nova students were having a lot of fun activities in which they showed the best that Nova can offer; team spirit even when the teams were mixed with other schools, competitive attitude, openness and acceptance of others, bravery when exposed to new challenges (like creating a rocket-bottle with recycled materials in a short amount of time), creativity and sense of humor, but above all, human values and empathy, general and emotional intelligence.

The cherry on top was the individual competition where our 9 grader Marko Tanevski with a very high score - won gold medal in the junior part.

A handful of our Nova Mathletes were also placed in the best 10 in junior or senior division.

This was a great experience and we wish to continue next year the interest and success our students have in math.

Check out the photo gallery from the event here