18 April 2019

Welcoming the new Nova Boris Trajkovski scholars

This year, for the 15th year in a row, we had the pleasure of bestowing full scholarship awards to three students.

The process started early January, with our team visiting over 20 schools in Skopje, live feed on a TV station and several publications on social media. The result? Over 240 students who entered the first round of testing and 20 students who successfully managed to enter the second round of testing. After a fun day filled with creative, team activities, the NOVA-Boris Trajkovski committee managed to choose three students that represent characteristics that we find in a true NOVA student: leadership skills, team player, motivator. On April 10th at a private ceremony, accompanied by NOVA leadership and representative of the Boris Trajkovski foundation, our three new scholarship students received their certificates and thus helped us in successfully closing another cycle of this eminent award.

We wish nothing but the best of luck and success to our new scholars but also to all of the other brave children that took part and were with us in this important journey.

NOVA HS Admissions office

Check the gallery from the event here