26 March 2019

8th Grade Drama Presentation

Throughout the presentations, the audience was able to see what we have worked on during our drama classes in the last semester. The students have developed an appreciation for the drama art as a significant part of their education. Our goal during the drama classes was not only for the students to play out a certain character, the actual priority was for them to feel the stage, to conquer their own fears and anxiety before public appearances. They had to dig deeper and find their true desires, develop their hidden talents, and they had to challenge them in order to challenge themselves to be more creative and bolder, on stage, and furthermore, in life. In the presentations, the audience had the opportunity to see how an actor prepares before acting; they saw monologues given by a position of a certain object, certain emotion, and nature itself. They saw non – verbal activities such as etudes and mechanisms, and on stage they saw real teamwork.

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