15 March 2019

Fourth edition of the NOVA Writing Pearls

The fourth edition of NOVA Writing Pearls comprises the short stories written by Nova High School students and Nova Middle school students and serves as a powerful testimony to the love of reading, writing, art, and literacy. Established as a project about creativity and imagination, it had weaved four editions which are testaments of NOVA students’ vital capacity to be inquisitive and curious. Through the four books students explored the complexity of life around them, and did the observations with responsible and maturing eyes. They demonstrated the ability to craft real dynamic characters, talk about the universality of loneliness and awkwardness of their age and ventured to exploit the vicarious futuristic settings. Tomeska’s Seventy-Two Full Moons, vividly mirrors the coded existence of problems and dangers in our present civilization while tackling issues of overarching respect - from the one towards each other to the one towards the environment. The scenery only subtly alters in the woods of Zbogar’s Morning Walk, with a scream into the silence, that nothing is same any more. Tanevska embroiders an enormous reminder to the things we take for granted in love and in life, thus we confront perils to lose what we cherish the most. Krstevska’s Acer, paints a powerful reminder that one may end up running after the lost illusions, hugging in vain and dreaming in futility. All stories are pouring with identity, freshness and inspiration. The poems remind of self importance and recognition of own value, the literary bites address the inevitability and ephemeral aspect of time and universe, while the student’s art work reminds that masterpieces for Pearls students are possible and attainable.

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