27 February 2019

Short message from a parent about Liz Haske visit

Nova students from the EMS had a chance to meet and talk to Liz Haske, the author of "When Worry Takes Hold." She talked to us about how she thinks of her ideas, how she takes her story from pre-writing to publishing, and how her story changes as she goes through the stages of the writing process (pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing). 

This is a short message a parent shared with the teacher after the visit.


Good morning Ms. Smth,

I wanted to tell you that Hana was so excited and impressed by the visit of the author Liz Haske, she couldn't stop talking about the visit and the impression she made on her. That impressed, that she sat on her laptop and wrote a 4 pages story herself!!! But it is only "a draft" she stressed!! :-). Then she wrote a letter to Ms. Haske through her website to thank her about the visit.

Thank you for making this visit possible, and please feel free to share my gratitude this with the administration at NOVA!

Have a great day,