12 December 2018

Letter from the PTA

Dear families,

We would like to thank all parents who submitted their recipes to the PTA's “ Healthy Food Healthy Children” campaign. 17 recipes will be cooked and sampled this week.

We hereby invite you to sample the recipe selection and to give us your feedback. The sampling will take place this Friday December 14th @ 14:30pm at the EMS Auditorium.

Bite-sized samples will be served and attendants will have a chance to taste the delicious food, in exchange for filling out a short anonymous feedback form.

Your feedback will be evaluated and the selected food items will then be incorporated into our cafeteria menu, adding to the meal plan, snack or lunch.

Thank you for all your support of this important initiative. We are looking forward to a healthier, delicious and more colorful cafeteria offering, helping our children with their healthy eating habits along the way.