6 December 2018

Plusportals & Communication, PTA Coffee Morning

"Yesterday, the PTA Coffee Morning focused on considering an important idea: communication. NOVA parents, students, and teachers communicate across a variety of mediums in the pursuit of educational excellence. However, none come close to the versatility of Plusportals, the system NOVA uses to report on student progress. Parents considered their use of ParentPlus, the mobile application that allows access to Plusportals for parents, over a morning coffee. By the end of the Coffee Morning parents learned how to access attendance records of their children through the application, how to access course materials posted by teachers, how to access alerts from NOVA International Schools, how to quickly send emails to any of their children's teachers and to all of the administrative staff at NOVA, and much more. Hopefully, Parents, students, and teachers can work together to make even better use of the communication technologies that are available at NOVA."