5 December 2018

CEESA Cross Country event in Sofia

CEESA Cross Country, Sofia, Nov 15th – Nov 18th. Anglo-American School of Sofia (AAS) opened from November 15-18 their campus and surrounding areas for the MS and HS runners from 10 international schools. CEESA MS/HS Cross-Country was set against the splendor of the Vitosha Mountain. Amazing number of 160 runners came from American International School of Bucharest, NOVA International Schools of Skopje, Istanbul International Community School, Anglo-American School of Sofia, Pechersk School International, American International School of Budapest, Kyiv International School, Tirana International School, International School of Krakow and Vienna International School.

NOVA came to Sofia with 16 students: 6 HS girls, 5 HS boys, 3 MS girls and 2 MS boys. Our runners trained from second week of September twice per week at riverbank of Vardar and on Vodno. In average around 20 students came at training every time what is twice more than last year.
The system of competition was to have 4-6 runners per team. A team's first 4 finishers constituted the team's score. If a team had 3 runners, it was assigned a “ghost runner” whose finishing position was recorded as final position + 1.The competition was organized over two days. On Friday the HS ran a 5K route and the MS ran 3.5K through the woods behind AAS. On Saturday, the HS ran a 3.5K route and the MS 2.5K. Both days the races were in a beautiful setting and the routes were a combination of forest paths, uphills, uneven surfaces, and slippery ground. The conditions for running were a bit challenging and suitable for experienced cross country runners but our students did a great job. HS girls got final 6th place out if 10 teams, HS boys were 8th out of 11 teams, MS girls took 6th place (3 runners) out of 10 teams and MS boys (just 2 runners) 8th place. NOVA has also a potential in track and field. In an invitational sprint we had at least one participant in every category. Lili and Sara won in HS and MS category, Nikola was 3rd competing with HS students. 
At the end we have to say our students were respectful on the course and out of it. They encouraged and supported with cheering our runners and other teams. We were very happy when they announced we won very valuable Sportsmanship!

Coaches Kristen and Melita are really satisfied and proud of all students!

Check out the photo gallery from the event here