19 November 2018

IPC Geography [movement of goods and natural resources]

Have you ever wondered what's inside your cell phone? How many minerals are included into those tiny metal parts? Mr. Ray Power came last week at Nova and presented a very interesting and extremely educational presentation to all our fifth graders.
He showed realia (rocks/minerals) and videos about the whole process behind iPhone metal parts production. He also engaged the students in a thoughtful discussion about the ethics behind mining, human rights, and child labor. Then he explained the steps of trading minerals from Rwanda and Macedonia.That all connected well as an enrichment to our IPC geography theme of movement of goods/products and natural resources of different countries. After the presentation, we all went outside for an experiment i.e. a demonstration of the process how oxygen is being removed from Tantalum dust for further purification. After this presentation, the students created mind maps of "What's Inside Our Cell Phones?" (63 minerals!!!) displaying all the things they learned including images. This was a very beneficial and interesting learning opportunity for all of us.

Check out the photo gallery from the event here