2 July 2018

NOVA Summer Camp [week two]

In the second week, despite the rainy days and some slight adjustment of the scheduled activities that must be made, the Tigers, Panthers and Penguins still had the chance to try their hands at several new activities, including carting and bowling. Those new activities provided a diversity of new challenges which kept the campers engaged and their spirit high.  We could not be more proud and happier to see our campers become more confident and skillful in double rope bridge crossing, kayaking, archery and horseback riding when they took part in these activities for the second time. Furthermore, during the team building games and sports, the campers demonstrated more team work, cooperation and fair-play than the previous week.

Happy Frogs had a similarly eventful second week, with exciting new activities that were well-loved by the young campers. Our visits to the Museum of Natural History allowed the children to discover the rich and diverse flora and fauna from all across Macedonia. They were especially enthusiastic during the animal hunt searching through the exhibits. Afternoon sessions included various hands-on activities, starting with recycled bottle bubble painting, which proved to be a huge hit. Not only was it a fun way to blow bubbles, but campers were also fascinated by the magic effects created. To take recycling to the next level, children participated in a 3-day project, which provided them with rich sensory play while learning about the process involved in recycling paper.

Seeing campers who had been rather reserved during the first week open up and take a more active role in both trying the activities and making new friends, we are certain that we have another fun and exciting week ahead of us. We are looking forward to new adventures it brings!

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