25 June 2018

NOVA Summer Camp [week one]

During the first week of NOVA Summer Camp program, the Tigers, Panthers and Penguins had a great time trying kayaking, experiencing the excitement of ducking and chasing in laser tag games and the thrill of crossing a double rope bridge, horseback riding, chilling out at the aqua park, trying their hand at archery and tennis. More activities await the campers in the following weeks.

While the bigger campers aspired to all the sport and team-building games, our Happy Frog youngsters ventured on their zoology master classes and nature walks to explore their environment and make new discoveries. The creepy crawlers experiment particularly sparked their curiosity offering valuable learning opportunities. In the amusement park, children were introduced to the fundamentals of tennis through exciting games which aimed to develop their gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination, while jumping in the bouncy castles added even more fun to a very active day. Happy Frogs also enjoyed horseback riding and developed their sense of balance and self-confidence during their fun outdoors adventure in the fresh air.

Ahead of us are two more exceptionally dynamic weeks which will provide the campers with challenging outdoor activities, fun sports and team building games. Most importantly, your child will have the opportunity to meet and socialize with many new friends from different countries and backgrounds.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the students and their families who have given us their trust and support. Because of your help, we know for sure that we have another successful Summer Camp.

Check out the photo gallery from the first week of this year's Summer Camp here