30 March 2018

Week without walls, Survival Adventure

Words like fulfillment, joy, excitement, cannot even describe what we felt while on our trip to Plackovica. Our adventure was filled with hiking (during heavy rain, snow and even blizzard), rope hanging, rock climbing, fixing tents, first aid classes and a lot of cheering, and comments such as: "Go teacher, go, you can do it!”. And we did it, we did every silly thing they wanted us to, making us feel full of life and pride of their courage. The students cooked, washed dishes and took great care of the household. We fully enjoyed the wilderness of the mountain, and the unpredictable nature, where, even with the extreme weather conditions, we felt really safe, because we relied on each other like a true team. This week taught us all, great survival tactics and skills, acquired through practice and repetition, guided by the great First Aid team and team of professional mountaineers. We also laughed a lot, goofed around, and felt extremely happy. Plackovica created a bond that can never be broken. To our brave, silly, brilliant students: Thank you! We love you more than we can say. Ms. Arta Kjato and Mr. Aleksandar Ristovski (teacher chaperons)

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