7 March 2018

MS Girls Basketball Tournament, Budapest

From March 1st to 4th, NOVA’s MS Girls Basketball team participated in the CEESA Basketball Tournament, hosted by the American International School of Budapest (AISB). Besides the SuperNOVA's and AISB’s team the Budapest Blazers, other teams included in the tournament were the Istanbul Dolphins, the Belgrade Dragons, the Prague Falcons and the Warsaw Warriors. Our team was young but very enthusiastic and prepared for the new experience. Marija, Mia, Jada, Prina (all 6th grade), Sare, Tuana, Ekaterina, Vesa, Sara (all 7th grade) and Mariah (8th grade) were prepared to give their best! During our first match against the Istanbul Dolphins, we showed great energy and easily won the game, with a result of 18:9. After a short break we played against the well prepared Warsaw Warriors who took advantage of our inexperience and won. The last game was crucial for our placement for the next day’s round of match-ups, and the Budapest Blazers seemed ready for us. The favorites were well prepared, but our girls fought like lionesses. We won the game, and finished the first day successfully with 2 wins and 1 loss! For the second day the girls were sore but even more determined to play well. We started against the team with no losses, the Prague Falcons, aware that this team would most likely play in the finals. Surprisingly, we were on top until the 4th quarter, but towards the end, the girls became tired, we lacked enough substitutions, and unfortunately lost the game. This match took a lot of energy out of us. Luckily, we pulled ourselves together for the Belgrade Dragons and confidently won and were for sure in the game for the 3rd place, playing against the Warsaw Warriors. By this time, the SuperNOVA girls were tired, hurt with small injuries, and without enough substitutions. They played much better than the first day against the same team, which was still insufficient for a win. The girls left their hearts on the court, accepted their defeat with dignity and ultimately won the 4th place in the tournament. Being part of this tournament and playing versus other much more experienced teams was a great learning experience for our girls. We are proud to say that the SuperNOVA girls demonstrated great enthusiasm, skills, and team work on the basketball court and gave their utmost.

Check out the photo gallry from the tournament here