6 February 2018

NOVA hosts municipal physics competition

NOVA was thrilled to host 70 talented students and their physics teachers of the five Karposh Municipality High Schools (NOVA, Georgi Dimitrov, Jahja Kemal, Nikola Karev and Orce Nikolov), who gathered for this year's municipal competition in physics. Students unleashed their skills in physics to tackle written problems prepared by DFRM (Society of Physicists of Macedonia), and figure out if they are up to the task to qualify for the regional competition in physics. Students were allowed two hours to solve five problems from selected topics, and it took additional three hours for the teachers to mark their efforts. Long hours for the teachers meant that students have resolved quite a lot of challenging puzzles, and fingers crossed that their work will unlock the next round for them. We're eagerly waiting for the official ranking to be announced by DFRM. Until then, we're sharpening our pencils for the next round. Good luck to everyone!