29 January 2018

Saving the World: Rain-forests

The second grade students at NOVA International Schools completed their first Unit using our new International Primary Curriculum (IPC) titled "Saving the World: Rain-forests". After spending weeks learning about the plants and animals of the world's rainforests, the products that come from the those regions, and ways to preserve them, the students felt it was time to share what they had explored, discovered, and learned. They invited parents and family members to come learn all about the rainforests and our conservation efforts. During our Exit Point event, students used rainforest products to make smoothies, cookies and fruit salads. They shared information about plants and plant parts, and the various animals that inhabit each layer of the rainforest. Students made recycled paper, planted seeds, shared recipes and displayed their art made from recycled materials. This event was also used to introduce and provide incentive for NOVA's recycling efforts. The entry fee was paid in empty water bottles and recycling paper.

Check out the photo gallery from the event here