24 January 2018

WIDA International Institute - workshop

Our Elementary ESL teacher, Ms. Marija Buralieva, attended a 4-day workshop titled WIDA International Institute: Implementing the WIDA Standards and Assessment System in International Contexts, held at the American School of Paris, Jan. 17-20, 2018. The 44 participants, K-12 teachers from over 20 different international schools around the world, engaged with components of the WIDA Standards and Assessment system and explored how it can be implemented in their context. During the institute, its participants used the WIDA standards framework to analyze the academic language demands of content standards at their school and worked on creating a draft of an instructional and assessment plan based on the needs of their students. The participants additionally had opportunities to develop context-specific implementation plans for communication and collaboration with staff members within their schools, to share resources, to debate over differentiation and assessment, as well as planning and instruction​ strategies​. Overall, ​it was ​a wonderful experience that opens doors to many new possibilities that we are yet to explore!