1 June 2017

20 year anniversary: the Arts and NOVA

NOVA International Schools proudly presents the exhibition titled ‘Memories’, a bridge between past generations, their testimonies, and today’s young creators.


2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the founding of NOVA, a school which prepares its students for a life where they will design, create, share, and achieve their goals, as well as contribute towards meaningful changes. The exhibition ‘Memories’ is a retrospective of works from generations of NOVA students who have made their mark throughout these past two decades. It is a symbol of their growth, transformation, influence, and research; a challenge for innovation, technical skills, and a strict demonstration of ideas.

We hope you will enjoy the exhibition as much as we do.
Program for the event ‘20 year anniversary: the Arts and NOVA’ :

Art exhibition, 1 June at 8pm

Marjana Kostojcinoska Uzunceva PhD, art teacher
Lecture, 2 June at 11 am
“The influence of theater education on the personality development of high school students; or Why theater education should be introduced in high schools in Macedonia“

Milosh B. Andonovski MSc, Drama teacher
Workshop, 2 June at 12 am
“Aesthetics of photography: What makes a good photograph?“

Darko Petrovski, Photography teacher