18 May 2017

Red Cross workshop, Struga

Two students and our teacher Sonja Stojkovic spent three amazing days attending a Red Cross workshop in Struga. Our 9 graders, Mia Miloseska and Sofia Tanevska, got a chance to meet and to exchange their experience and ideas with other students from other high schools in Macedonia, and 4 guest-volunteers from the Norwegian Red Cross (high- schoolers as well). In an interactive and fun way they learned about social responsibility and why it is important to have an active role in the society they live in. They were engaged in activities with the opportunity to develop, practice and straighten their skills like teamwork, problem solving, organization and leadership, task and time management. They were guided in promoting culture as a system of values; learning about people of different cultural and ethical background by interacting with them; trough dialogue to overcome obstacles and prejudices, to become more patient towards others, and remain open minded.

Check out the photo gallery from the event here