11 May 2017

NOVA hosts ELTAM state competition

This past Saturday, May 6, our school hosted, for the first time, the State Competitions in English Language for Primary School Students (grades 5 and 9 respectively), in collaboration with our partner ELTAM (the Association of English Language Teachers). The competitions held were a meaningful end to a long process for kids ages 10 and 14, started in March 2017, and continuing into April 2017, when they competed at the school/municipal/regional levels. Hence, on Saturday, we hosted students and mentors from all corners of Macedonia, ostensibly in total around 150 grateful and happy folk. Per procedure, the process was monitored by a member of the English curriculum team from the Bureau of Development. Three of our own Grade 11 students competed in the English Language State Competition for bilinguals, namely, Sofija Popovska, Mario Cholanchevski, and Gele Robev. Now that the official results are out, we are proud to share with our community the good news, namely that Gele and Sofija placed first and third, respectively. If you see them, feel free to extend your congratulations.

Check out the photo gallery from the event here