8 May 2017

Vienna [Week without walls 2017]

The Week without walls 2017 excursion brought us to the amazing city of Vienna. Center of the Central European culture, Vienna was one of the pioneers of modern architecture and modernist art. It is the city where theatre and opera were thriving and art was redefined. Our tour began with the visit of the 900-years old cathedral St. Stephen, landmark of the city, located in the very centre Vienna. Built over three centuries, St. Stephen displays layers of Vienna's rich history and offers a magnificent view of the city. The next destination was the Belvedere Museum. Once summer residence of the mighty general, Prince Eugen of Savoy, Belvedere brings together in a typical Viennese fashion military history, modern art, and baroque architecture. The art collections in the museum bring the visitor into the world of the Viennese Modern Art. The most famous painting by the most famous representative of the Viennese Secession, Gustav Klimt, "The Kiss" symbolizes the Viennese Turn of the Century spirit with its erotic motifs and modernist rendition of classicist art. The classicist tradition is, however, still present along the spacious and magnificent boulevard Ringstraße, typically represented by the Austrian Parliament. We found more pearls of modern art but also artistic reminiscences of the Great War and its devastating consequences for the organic unity of Central Europe in the Ludwigsmuseum. We witnessed the centuries-old tradition of stage performance in the Opera House, which is still one of the most coveted stages in the world. We could follow the long history of the Habsburg dynasty, which turned Vienna into an imperial centre, in the Court Palace (Hofburg) and learn about the imperial family's leisure activities in the summer residence, Schönbrunn.

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