5 May 2017

Athens [Week without walls]

During the three day visit in Athens, NOVA students had an opportunity to gain practical experience through activities conducted at the University of Athens in the field of natural science. The students visited three different museums: the Paleontological, Natural Science, and the Mineralogy museum. In the Paleontological museum, NOVA students were introduced with sections of organic evolution and they were given the activity to excavate from improvised terrain, to identify and classify the bones they found. In the Natural Science museum, NOVA students were given the opportunity to observe, compare skeletal differences (human, mammal, fish, and birds) and bring evidence for connection between organisms by using homological structures (in the field of comparative anatomy). Finally, the Mineralogy museum offered a big number of minerals and minerals integrated in rocks. The students got familiar with some practical usage and importance of the minerals regarding the improvement of the quality of human life.

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