5 May 2017

Warsaw [Week without Walls]

Visiting Warsaw is nothing but feeling a synergy of history and tradition together with modern European values. It is a bridge that connects Frederic Chopin and Krystina Janda, Adam Mickiewicz with the Jewish ghetto during the WW2. City of kings and poets, city of musicians and partisans. Students were walking in the center of the town and the old town, sensing both the socialist state under the Soviet Union regime and Polish romanticism with its mazurka and the waltzes. They had unique opportunity to visit the concentration camp Treblinka and learn more about a Holocaust in Poland, as well to feel the academic atmosphere in the American School of Warsaw. But at the end, students left the city under impression that Warsaw is not just a town that is patchwork of culture and nations, but rather a symphony whenever you walk through it. Whether a day or a night, it breeds with the peaceful breath of an old, still beautiful and experienced storyteller.

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