4 May 2017

In the Literature Decorum [Week without walls]

The week without walls excursion titled ‘In the Literature Decorum’ brought us to the bustling London which, once again, has impressed everyone in our traveling party profoundly and with the enlightenment of the contemporary and ancient in the same time. Our Bayswater Hotel located on Kensington Gardens Square enabled us to walk to the splendidly green and meticulously trimmed gardens in Hyde Park and then immerse ourselves to the splendor of Buckingham Palace and fashionable Oxford Street with its famous Piccadilly and Trafalgar Squares. The visit to Madame Tussauds was elevating; some would even say frightening; wax figures looked so real. Yet it was Globe Theatre that rose as an astonishing memento: Milka and Peter stepped back in the Elizabethan Era and appeared so authentic - dressed in replica clothes; The visit to picturesque Stratford-upon Avon, the birthplace of William Shakespeare abounded with new facts or with already acquired knowledge that was attired into new garments; Visit and workshops at Jane Austen’s house museum were tremendously inspiring. The splendid view from the fourth floor of the academic library at Oxford made us feel that academic excellence is attainable for everybody who works hard. The Literature Decorum in London was an eloquent life lesson that can be received only in person.

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