19 December 2016

9th MEP national simulation

The MEP - Macedonia program is a simulation of the work of the European Parliament. This November, NOVA International Schools hosted the national MEP session for the ninth time, where approximately 60 students and 10 MEP alumni members from 16 participating high schools form various cities in Macedonia took part in the simulation at the national level. Students competed with each other, discussing, debating, politicking and writing resolutions about the most recent and decisive debates in the European Parliament and the European Union. This national simulation of the European Parliament is one of the many activities that the MEP- Macedonia program performs throughout the school year. The students are simulating the work of the Members of the European Parliament in three different committees within this institution and delegates are evaluated based on their knowledge of the EU and EU institutions, public speaking, debating and negotiating skills, lobbying and the ability to write resolutions.

Check out the photo gallery from the event here