13 December 2016

Learning about exotic minerals

Eighth graders and their science teachers, Ms. Milena Stojanovska and Ms. Jasmina Dzurovska-Blazeska has a guest presentation by Mr. Ray Power, a mining engineer and scientist who works with the extraction of different exotic metals in refineries around the world. He discussed the practical applications of the periodic table, and how metals are used in everyday objects such as cell phones. We were amazed to learn that more than 60 different metals are used in one cell phone. Students used a portable X-ray fluorescence analyzer to check for the presence of metals in different objects like jewelry, cell phones, key rings etc. They used their analyzing and inferring skills to discuss the results of this real time elemental demonstration. One student was disappointed to find out that her ring was not made of 100% silver. At the beginning of the presentation when students were asked "Who wants to be a scientist?" only a few hands were raised. But at the end, Mr. Power’s explanations and enthusiasm inspired more than a dozen students to express their desire to become scientists.

Check out the photo gallery from the event here