22 November 2016

NOVA students visit Clinical Hospital Acibadem Sistina

43 students from grade 7, accompanied by their science teacher Ms. Natasa Kardula visited the Clinical Hospital Acibadem Sistina last week. The visitors were welcomed by the friendly team of doctors and administrators. They first visited the Biochemical Laboratory, where students were able to see how a modern laboratory operates, how tests are usually performed done processed in order to obtain information about the health of a patient. Afterwards, they were able to talk to Dr. Dzengis Jashar, who guided the group to the amphitheater, where he held a presentation about cell structure and functions. The students had a chance to observe different cells through a microscope and participate in meaningful discussions. They demonstrated their previous knowledge and learned many new things. This visit was a whole different educational experience with the goal of increasing students’ interest in science and technology.

Check out the photo gallery from the visit here