21 November 2016

CEESA HS Girls Soccer Tournament

This year, the Supernovas hosted the annual CEESA HS Girls Soccer Tournament.

Games were played between schools from six different countries, the grass fields were appropriate and the matches were officiated by professional referees, in accordance with the CEESA regulations. The games were played on a round robin basis and consist of two halves of 25 minutes each, with a 5 minute break between the halves.

The Supernova soccer team was made up of 14 girls; most of them not experienced soccer players. However, what these girls lacked in experience was made up for in heart and sportsmanship.

The CEESA HS Girls Soccer Tournament was a very exciting event; the sheer determination and will to succeed displayed by the girls was a victory in itself. They felt they had improved and walked away with smiles and a sense of pride for their hard work. The passion for the sport, the contribution and the efforts is what made the 2016 girls' soccer season a memorable one for all of us, the girls and the coaches.

Check out the photo gallery from the tournment here

The entire photo gallery can be found on: http://ceesa-sports.weebly.com/gallery.htm