7 November 2016

Foundations in Research Course Considers Literary Theory by Jelena Nikodinoska

FiRC students are tasked with choosing an independent research paper on a subject of their choosing. Students may choose to use their love of literature to generate a topic for their paper. So, on November 1st, Grade 11 and 12 students in the FiRC program were given a special guest lecture by Jelena Nikodinoska. Ms. Nikodinoska is a NOVA graduate who went on to study abroad in the United States and in France, getting her Masters in American Studies at the University of Paris. Ms. Nikodinoska is now putting her knowledge to good use at the school that matriculated her as NOVA's MS librarian. Her presentation last Tuesday included insight into the various schools of literary criticism. NOVA HS student were prepared to engage with the presentation, asking questions that showed that NOVA's English department is as strong today as it was when Ms. Nikodinoska graduated in 2008.