30 September 2016

New Faculty Introductions 2016-17 - Renchen Lhamu - Agnes

"I'm Renchen Lhamu and I come from China, where I graduated from Beijing Language and Culture University. I am happy to have the opportunity to live in Skopje. I like the city and have already been given a Macedonian name, which is Agnes.

I enjoy experiencing different cultures, especially ones with a long history, such as the Macedonian. I even lived in Egypt for some time in order to improve my Arabic.

In my opinion, learning a language is the best way to understand another culture. That's why I am really excited to be joining the Nova family as a Chinese teacher. I hope to do my job well so that everyone in my class will learn not only the language but also experience a part of the rich Chinese culture. Having said that, I will focus on teaching my students some practical language skills which could be useful in everyday life.

I am looking forward to bestowing on my students not only knowledge about Chinese language and culture, but also inspire a curiosity for the unknown."