22 September 2016

Continuing to Foster a Culture of Scientific Inquiry - A 2nd FiRC Guest Lecturer Arrives

On Tuesday, September 20th, NOVA HS had the pleasure of welcoming back one of its distinguished graduates. Lura Pollozhani, a graduate of the London School of Economics, came to NOVA as guest speaker for the Foundations in Research Course program (FiRC). Ms. Pollozhani, who is currently pursuing her Ph.D in Austria, delivered a lecture based on her personal experience as a researcher studying politics and identity. Ms. Pollozhani shared her with our HS students her process in identifying a topic and constructing a meaningful research question, allowing students to envision social issues which could motivate them as well.

Students seized this opportunity to ask about research in the social sciences. Ms. Pollozhani addressed questions from grade 12 students dealing with aspects of research such as quantitative analysis and conventions in conducting research interviews with members of the public.

NOVA will continue to welcome back many of its esteemed graduates as part of the FiRC program to share their experience with current students. Guest lectures will continue through November and attendance is open to all members of the NOVA community.    

Check out the photo gallery from the event here