7 June 2016

Forum Theater at Sumnal

Forum theater deals with tackling social issues such as discrimination, family, violence, and bullying. This is a form of theater that involves interaction with the audience. Forum theater plays are followed by a discussion about the social issue presented and ways in which it can be solved. After the discussion, the play is performed once again. However, this time, members from the audience have the right to freeze it, replace one of the actors, and present a way in which they would resolve the particular issue. Thus, forum theater not only raises awareness about social issues, but also teaches how to approach thinking about and solving these issues. This activity was attended by the children from SUMNAL (center for development of the Roma community) and by NOVA students. The goal is to equip participants with skills that will enable them to create a forum theater play by themselves and also make them socially active citizens. This project is headed by NOVA students, Mimi Kostovska and Tamara Barsova.