20 April 2016

NOVA students welcome counterparts from Denmark

On Wednesday of last week a group of students from Flakkebjerg boarding school in Denmark visited Macedonia and NOVA. It was an opportunity for our students to spend an afternoon with their Danish counterparts and learn about life and education in Denmark, as well as showcase our school, and many of our personal interests and passions. 

After a campus tour and lunch together, our students received their Danish counterparts in their classrooms, and finally everyone held a plenary discussion about service learning, current affairs and global issues, facilitated by Mr. Joshua Young, their lead teacher from the Flakkebjerg school. At the end of the school day our students organized a city tour for the guests. The final act of hospitality and friendship was a dinner with the visitors in either our families, or at a traditional restaurant. 

Our newfound Danish friends had enjoyed their time at Nova and in Skopje immensely, they were very grateful for our hospitality, and had extended a heartfelt invite to our community to visit Flakkebjerg and Denmark.

Check out the photo gallery from the visit here