4 April 2016

WWW students learn about Roman civilization

In five days, a group of twenty-four students, was learning about culture, language and lifestyle through art observation of one of the world’s oldest civilization: Latin – Italian in this case. Students had the opportunity through visiting both cultural and historical sites to explore the culture of Italy through the Ancient, Renaissance and present period.
Ancient Ostia excavations was the first one where the group (following a guided tour) got familiarized with the ancient lifestyle of Roman people: cuisine, arts, religion, beauty and well-being, politics etc.
The following one (distorting the chronology) was a walk through the present of Rome: a Treasure hunt activity in Rome and a visit of an ice-cream factory where students could compare the cognitions from the previous day/period with the second one.
The third period (Renaissance period) was during the fourth day through visiting the Museum of Vatican. Again, students could make connections between the new social-economic-artistic-political context and the previously mentioned ones.
Experiences and impressions were turned into art works (paper collages) during the trip. All students will have to prepare a final assessment paper related to the trip, including a reflection photo journal and daily questionnaires.

Check out the photo gallery from the trip here