4 April 2016

WWW Human Rights Group learns about making a difference

The Human Rights trip was specifically designed to empower our students: they visited many non-profit organizations, learnt about the actions the organizations take in relation to human rights and had an opportunity to come face-to-face with vulnerable groups of people who desperately need help. When visiting the non-profit organization KRIK, our students learnt more about the people with disabilities and they did a research about what was offered for them in our country. The organization Mladiinfo gave them an insight into available competitions, trainings, volunteering, internships, job vacancies and scholarships that could help students gain priceless skills and knowledge for free, increasing their employability and prospects for the future. During our visit to HERA, the students from the Human Rights Group familiarized with the Roma Women initiative to open Gynecology offices in the municipality of Shuto Orizari. The students were also very excited to teach English to the Roma children from the Centre for Street Children and the children from the Srnichka Kindergarten. At the Centre for Human Rights, our students became aware of their rights and the rights of the others, and they had an opportunity to simulate a fight for human rights by creating a cartoon, conference speech, demonstration paroles and a song. At Mladinski Club, on the other hand, the students were introduced to the concept of Youth leadership, and they brainstormed and identified the essential leadership skills that a leader had to have in order to become successful.  Besides all these, the Human Rights Group got familiarized with the work of UNICEF in Macedonia and the mission and the activities of Megjashi, the first Children’s Embassy in the world.

Check out the photo gallery from the event here